Thursday, 30 November 2017

Project #EarnWithKickUpstairs : Post 1

Today I am sharing my experience with you all how I have started using Internet in some other way to get something extra for my pocket. So, here I have started a project " Recharge your pocket with Internet " with the support of Blogchatter #BlogchatterProjects  and give a Hashtag #EarnwithKickupstairs.

  1. Work always paid off depends on your sincerity and hard work.
  1. Your computer will add some extra money in your pocket.
  1. Prepare yourself to get paid through vouchers and cash. 

What you need?
There are few things which is required for online earning that is:

Lets start  with a website from where you can earn cash or Paytm Cash. 
 Its around more than 6 years when I started Internet as a source of income and joined a site which gives me 0.25paisa for a very small task. Slowly and gradually I joined other websites and start earning with them. Now I am still leaning new things and ways to earn other more effective way from Internet. My motto is to stand on my own online work and educate more people to earn money from Internet. 

Through this project I will share few website through which you all can earn money in cash, Amazon  and Flipkart vouchers, Woohoo vouchers and any more. Through this side income you can save more money for your future. As voucher you can use to fulfill your needs and you can shop at home. 

1: Paypal Account
2: Pan Card
3: Paytm Account

 Click on this and you will be directed to the required website and where you need to fill the details of yours. And after that you will get the survey invitation and complete those surveys and you will get the assigned points in your account. In this website you need to collect points and then when you reached the threshold you will redeem them into cash. 

Keep doing and start earning. 
Spending your time on internet on some useful things which enhance your pocket. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

#LoveJatao : A gesture to show love for grandparents.

Grandparents are that grown trees of our life where we get love, peace, and satisfaction. The shadow of their presence shows us the right path and wisdom in life. Grandparents are that garden of love where only love and peace grows.  

I am the one who has got the love of my granny only because I lost my grandparents when I was so small. But my son is lucky that he is getting all the blessings and love from his grandparents. A day has come to celebrate the moments with grandparents and thanks for all their love and hugs. Thank them for all those guidance and giving a cozy place where we get the relax & mental peace.

We won't measure their love in terms of words, gifts or any sort of things. But the only way to thank them is SPENDING LOTS OF TIME WITH THEM. Giving them respect and love to the extreme. Always take their consent and guidance for any kind of work we do in our life. Take extra care of their small needs which ease their life. These are some of the ways through which we can express our thanks for whatever they have done for us.

My granny is no more with us but she is still my memories and the things which she taught to us. Here is a small glimpse of our life which cherish me always.
Nani! Your fragrance of love still resides in me, your lessons always reside in my mind, your love always keeps me calm and your memories keep my eyes wet WHY I LOST YOU?

Now, the time came for my son when he is enjoying the showers of blessing and living his life under the shadow of his grandparents. 
Today he makes a card for them to show his love for them.

#LoveJatao The glory of grandparents can never be bought nor snatched, it is slowly and gradually transformation of culture, etiquettes, love, traditions, and sincerity from grandparents to children. That's the reason it is advised that children should grow under the supervision of grandparents.

My emphasis on my words " Grandparents are those trees which plant their grandchildren with love and patience. They are the perfect blend of trust, patience, love, thoughtful stories, sweets, caring and tons of hugs. "
Days come and go but the companionship with grandparents will never be life long so God has given this opportunity to learn a new lesson of life and love from your grandparents. Never lose them by just saying "We are busy right now will see you later on" because may be this, later on, will never come.

काल करे सो आज कर, आज करै सो अब |
पल में परलय होयगी, बहुरी करेगा कब ||

This Kabir Das saying is total fits on us, do it now.  #LoveJatao through any kind of gratification. Our grandparents have an ability to understand us in any ways, only need to share your love.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Mission Venus and A Cruel Comet

Today in the world of technology we hardly find that any kid spends his time in playing outdoor games. They always interested in the playing video games or playing on mobile. You won't believe due to these kids not only destroying their physical strength but also their creative imaginary brain power. But Colgate has taken some action against these bad habits of children. They have introduced an imaginary but magical game. The brand has printed some characters with a related background at the inner side of the toothpaste cover. The motive of this creativity is recharging that brain skill of children from where they make imaginary stories.
In my pack of Colgate, I find some astronaut characters, Satellite launch station, An Alien, cosmic background. I was happy that my son was happy and curious to open the cover and to reveal the characters. 


After cutting the characters, he started making his story. Once upon a time, there were two astronauts, named as Pooja and Mike.  They were selected for a mission: Mission Venus. The scientist had set up a rocket which will go into space and land on Venus. Mike and Pooja have to go through the condition how much Cruel Comet had destroyed the planet.

Mike and Pooja were ready to travel in the rocket and said Bye to everyone by taking their wishes.

Before going to space they know that a comet was there which has destroyed Venus and other planets. And their work was to see the condition over there.

Their rocket release the satellite in the orbit and through their satellite they were seeing the planets and taking pictures of them. They found that Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn were happy but Venus was looking very angry. They thought might be comet has injured her.

They came out of the satellite and enjoyed the beautiful space, they have seen so many stars in the sky and planets like big balls.
Now they landed on Venus and started their robot which started roaming on the planet and collecting different data. 

 All of the sudden Pooja seen an alien with his UFO. She get alerted and took a position with her gun, but what happen soon she showed her gun, the alien was afraid of her and talking politely. She conversates with him and told about their mission and why they have landed on Venus.

 Now they started their work. She was monitoring herself, Mike was collecting other data through monitoring Van.

 After collecting all the data they went back to Earth. Their mission was successful and they had collected enough data on how much Venus was damaged by Cruel Comet and what were the post condition of Venus after hitting the comet. 
My son had enjoyed all the characters and make a nice story on these characters. In these type of games, the parent should involve with their kids and help them to make a story so that they can imaginary power build up.

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Giveaway Alert : Vedantika Herbals

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Define your Wedding and other ocassions via Dress Fashion

Green Bridesmaid Dresses
Woman is so beautiful and words are less to define her beauty. On other hand dresses and accessories add on her beauty. A new aura of beauty come out when a woman gets ready with the beautiful dresses and accessories. Here are some given dresses which make you princess and gives you a more adorable look.

You can buy these fascinating dresses from

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Earn Online via survey get paid by Paypal

Dear Friends,

I hope you are living with all happiness and joy. Today I will discuss about the website from where you can earn money. It's a Survey Site and you earn money on every survey. The good thing about this survey site is "You won't get disqualified". Because in some other survey site there are many possibilities where you won't fulfill the eligibility criteria. I have also introduced one site in my other post ACO: Monetize Valuable Opinions. You can also learn about this site and register to earn simultaneously.
Now let talk about more about this website.

Paid view point

PaidViewpoint is operated by Ask Your Target Market. AYTM, with your help, is revolutionizing the market research industry by making quality market research easily accessible and affordable to businesses large and small everywhere. AYTM is enabling today's entrepreneurs to succeed in building the businesses that create jobs for all of us. Visit AYTM to learn more about our team. We'd love to hear any ideas you have to improve the PaidViewpoint experience.  

Inner view :

My Experience : 

I am working on this site regularly and each survey hardly takes 2 mins and I get paid for that survey. This site also don't ask your detailed information, so don't hesitate to enter the details. Now, when you complete a small survey that will increase your trait score and you will also get the chance to work on long survey means more money. Here is the screen shot of my account which shows you trait score.  

Earning from survey site always need consistent work and updated information because through only this you can earn money. And I am here to share the only sites which give you money in real. So, there is no option of fraud as I have already tested and earned money from here.

Cash $ CashOut
Now the see the screen shot of the income side, your income will show like this in your account with two sub titles "Year to date" ad Lifetime earning. When you complete your earning to 15 dollars then you can cash out your money through Paypal.

Paypal is the site where you get your payment directly in your bank account without sharing your bank details to anybody. It is highly secured website in the world, so you can rely on it. 

I wish you can also earn more from this site and fulfill your small wishes. This is not mandatory but if you wish then you can join on this site through my link. JOIN FROM HERE.
For any sort of queries you can ask in comment section.

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Friendship cherised Our Life : Yaaron Ki Baraat

Friendship always cherish your past, present and future. Friendship is a relationship which enlighten your personality and always directed you in a right direction. Friendship is a complete package of all emotions that a human have. Sometimes a simple friendship changed into life long relationship.

Lets come and peep into my past life and see how I have enjoyed with my friends. I was born in a small society of Faridabad where I grow up and make lots of friends in that society. But we four have some tuning and always ready to mingle. We always do planning how to spend our Summer Holidays, everyday school homework and our play time.

Time passes and I had a twist in life where I have to study on one hand and work on other hand. But this dual work gave lots of friends in my life. Whenever I looked back and memorize those friendship days a sweet smile on my face come with joy in my heart. Now I will open my friendship album and remember those days.

This picture is little blur but this is the proof that my friend Tanu is my 4 am friend. How can I forget that when she surprisingly  came with a cake in her hand in the night time to celebrate my birthday. The time with her was awesome and we had a relationship in which friend's and  sister's role both involved. We always share each and everything with each other and share our thought which always direct us to the right path of life. She is the only one whom i can say CLOSEST YAAR.
Now one more friend Monika, is my friend in office. I can say she is my left hand. We always complete our work on time just because we are one and always think in a direction where we can complete our work on time and more importantly "Flawless work". We always do funny things in office to make our relationship strong and also build up relationship with in the office colleagues. Whenever I feel about her and kind of personality she was, how she supported me in my work and our teamwork was remarkable in office.
Festivals were the time when our world makes a different world. We all enough to encourage other to celebrate the festivals to its extreme point. Because when we all were together and entertain each other, at that points other boys and girls automatically came and join us. Those festivals were more precious than today's. 
This is my work place where I met lot of people and their love and their immeasurable qualities bound me to work for long. And I was really dishearten when the company dissolved and we all scattered. But social media has helped us to stay connected and get the updates about our life. Missing that period of togetherness. We have enjoyed trips, movies, lunch and many more things together and worked with all dedication and zeal. The love was the only thread between us which bounded to work in the same company for long.
These are the people who blossomed my life with their presence. Their qualities enhanced my qualities and my confidence. Some of them has showed me the right way of thinking and right way of opting the path in life. Each of these people made me learn new things from them. When I get in relation with these people then I come to know the real meaning of friendship. Relationship and memories with these people in life are like gem which I have kept in my heart safely. And open up the album of friendship whenever my heart urge to get pamper. Finally a gang of girls who enjoyed the EMU train, railway station talks, shopping, chatting, pampering and finally acted as a mother to each other.
We have seen the flash black of friendship of Amitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha on Zee TV's chat show was hosted by Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh.  If have missed it then don't forget to  see this video "Yaroon Ki Baraat".
This legendary show was telecast for the first time on Indian television, ZEE TV, Chat Show Vivo Smartphone: Yaaron Ki baraat copowered by and Brooke Bond Red Label.

Hats off to friendship of Amaitabh Bachchan and Shatrughan Sinha: #YaaronKiBaraat