Monday, 23 April 2018

Week 10: Internet a resource pool #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

"Willing takes you to the success and continuous efforts help in achieving your goals. " Only with this thought, I started using the internet to give a new move in my life and still this process going on. 
It was the time when I thought that Internet means surfing, chatting, and doing emails. I was not much aware of the vastness of Internet and not even tried to know, as I was happy with my job and whatever I was doing there.  But as the time passes the satisfaction level fell down and my interest in Internet went up. Then one day I thought of making money from the internet so joined a website which was PTC ( paid to click), it was very small amount but I never left it. Soon, the day came when I redeemed those collected points and the reward was 50 rupees Cafe Coffee day voucher. It was the first success and I was happy to prove slow and steady wins the race.

Speeding Steps: Now I was quite happy with that only 50/- voucher because that 50/- has pumped up my enthusiasm and I have registered two more websites, one was again PTC and one was task-based. I worked on those websites for long and now that time I redeemed my points with 1200/- and $8. Time was like in my favor and paced up my working on these online sites from where I was earning a little extra. 

Influenced by Social Media: Now, I stepped towards Facebook and Twitter. Initially, I was quite fascinated by Facebook and I started using it for my personal use, then one day I was invited to a contest and my participation made me win. Through that participation, I came to know more about Twitter, Instagram, G+ and some blogs. Now my involvement in the contest went up and I won many things besides all this I never left working on those sites which gave me some extra money. Now I was on almost all famous social media accounts and I was using them for some personal and for contest purposes. 

Survey Sites: I was highly influenced by survey sites because they have given me that extra income which helped me a lot in my life.  I don't have an accurate figure but I earned more than 60 thousand last year, only by working on an average 3-4 hours per day. 

Steps towards blogging: Now I want some enhancement and want to utilize my capabilities in a right direction. This thought also come up because I was fed up with the politics in offices and dual roles of people. I want to do something where I can use my full energy without wasting it on useless things. Blogging was the platform which influenced me a lot and I started writing on it side by side. But I didn't stop my work on all those survey sites. 

Campaigns: Now I started my blogging with my own ideas and share those blog post on social media accounts. And one day I got an email for joining a campaign, I accepted and worked on it. It was liking working out of the box for me and soon worked on some campaigns, some collaborations, and then conducted some giveaways. This increase the level of traffic and people started following me.

#SuperBloggerChallenge2018: It was like a grabbing of a big deal for me. I accepted this challenge, initially, I find myself very weak as I was finding myself standing on the first ladder. A question keep on hitting me " How will I cope up with these senior bloggers? So, I set my mind instead of beating anyone, keep on working on it. This is my learning phase and I need to learn a lot, Today when I am writing for the 10th-week post, I am feeling glad and happy that may be slow but I reached up to this level. 

The Internet- A resource Pool: Internet is a treasure of knowledge, only our dedication, and keenness of learning new things are measured. I have started my work on the internet with 0.25 paise but this is the only internet and continuous work turned that 0.25 into 60,000/-. So, make it a habit of learning and reading anything from the internet. 

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

English is no more hurdle, Go for #DefinitelyPTE

"Education is the movement from darkness to light" Allan Bloom

Education is the backbone of a good future for a person and nation as well. Education gives you a happy and stable life, it is the right path from where you will be able to fulfill your dreams and become independent. Proper education plays a vital role in your life and for the fulfillment of proper and detailed education, some students plan their part of the studies abroad. For studying in abroad, they have to go through certain steps which are the requirement for studying abroad. 

Students need to work really hard for getting Study visa and in this process, they find some hurdles and problems. 

▬ Language skills: As India is developing in all their areas and getting recognition around the world. But still, around 70- 80 % school don't follow the international level of English language and at that point, the students of India need to focus a lot on their language skill.

▬ Funds: Studying abroad is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of money because of tuition fee, accommodation fee, daily chores etc. The balance of fund get disturbed and managing it quite difficult sometimes. 

▬ Homesickness: Studying miles and miles away is sometimes hard to live. Due to this factor, some students may feel lonely. This kind of emotions sometimes mislead the individuals from their own goals.

▬ Medical Aid:  In most of the countries, you will only get the medicines until and unless you show them the prescription. So, it is quite necessary that you must have enough funds for this kind of unexpected expenses.

These are some problems which most of the students faced when they move to abroad for studies. Out of all, I can give some suggestion on the first hurdle that is Language Skills. Have you ever heard about PTE Academic? 

PTE Academic is a solution for above mention problem and this solution will sure a plus point for the candidate. PTE is a smart choice for students and migrants who can demonstrate their English language skills for university, Professional, and migration applications. 

Benefits of PTE

╬ PTE Academic is a computer-based language test which is given in a single seating of 3hours test session and the result get declared within five working days. 

╬Test globally for 360 days and spread their 200 centers around the world. 

╬ The application accepted at around 95% in thousands of worldwide institutions. 

╬ It also gets the approval from Australian and New Zealand government for all student visa and migration applications. 

╬ Students can send their scores to n number of institutions without paying any additional fees. 

╬ PTE is a fair and secure because of the high technology has been used for the paper like Biometric, palm scanning, digital signature etc.

Isn't it a big solution to our problem of English Speaking Test? After knowing so many benefits of PTE, you must know about the cost and other requirements of PTE. For all those information 
Click Here

Features of PTE Academics

PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing, all these sections are covered in the 3 hours test session. The test is in this format. Total three parts and each section is limited to appropriate time which means you need to complete accordingly.

After giving this test, you will get the PTE Academic score which is compared to another English test like IELTS and TOEFEL  iBT. With a single scale, you can compare your scores with other English Proficiency skill test. 

PTE Academics issue a report of the individual who attempted the exam and the topics covered in this report are an Overall score, Communicative skills, Enabling Skills. Through this report, you will get the idea about the weakest points and you need to work hard in that area. 

PTE Academics is a full package of preparing yourself and building the self-confidence on the English Proficiency. It also introduced some courses according to your requirement and your preparation. You can click here and get more information about the PTE Preparation Courses.  And need not worry about the test centers as you can find more than 50 countries like Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Thailand and any more. In India, there are around 10 centers like Aditya Institute of Management, Pune, Global Opportunities New Delhi. Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Pune. etc.

Preparation Help
PTE has organized an online section where the candidate can prepare for the exam in a systematic manner, Preparation Path. In this section, the candidate can find huge resources for the preparation of all the three parts, sample questions and what are the requirements for the test day. 

Universities Accept Your PTE Score Card

After a strong guidance of PTE Academics, the student scorecard is accepted by many academic programs around the world. PTE has Australian and New Zealand government approval for the student visa and migration application. Some of the prestigious universities which accept PTE are Stanford University, Harvard University, Imperial College London, Central Queensland Univerity. 

PTE Academics is now leading and getting famous for their almost 100% result in preparing the students for the test and computerized 3hrs test with a valid result in 5 business days, do recommend #DefinitelyPTE.   

Friday, 13 April 2018

Week 9 - Self Care - Hard Work leads to Success #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

"Hard work is a two-way street, you get back exactly what you put in." This is what I believe and trust it by heart. I know that if you really want to achieve something in life then you have to work hard for that achievement, and in the journey of achieving the Achievement, you will find many ups and downs which are nothing but kinds of the test, which checks your patience. 

#Superbloggerchallenge2018 is like the big ocean for me. When I started, it seems like I am standing in front of the ocean alone to judge my swimming skills. As I was not too much familiar with the blogging field and eventually I jumped into it without knowing that I would be able to survive or not. But after getting into it, I realized that there are so many things we need to learn in the blogging field.  Keeping all my hopes with me and started continuous work on this big challenge.
This big challenge makes me realize that we need to be dedicated to our work and accept all the challenges because you never know which challenge brings that first step of success which you are looking for. I know there are lots of things I need to work out on me and my space #KICKUPSTAIRS  .  I learned how to be punctual, stay alert, learn from others, keep up your reading skills and how to record your work & its related things. 

I am not worried about the results but there is some satisfaction that I am regular and keep me updating and learning new things. As there are still many things on which I need to work out properly. This challenge is like my #SELFCARE which I do for me and my space. 

A continuous hardwork makes me learn that Bloggers are not simple writers they are the influencers which spread the words in the world. Their entity is commendable because Pen has the power more than a gun, and the coordination with Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram make bloggers voice more prominent and loud. 

So, do believe in your hard work and your thoughts. 

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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Week 8 : Amritsar Diary #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa


Life in a metro leads to depression and anxiety. Working and living in big cities makes human's life challenging and exhausting. Therefore, it needs rest and change. My life is also going in the same direction so I planned a break at the end of the year of 2017. 
This break leads me to Amritsar, Punjab. One of the beautiful place in Northern India, a place where some great freedom fighters were born. Punjab was`also known for the great food and friendly behavior of the people. 

My journey started from New Delhi and after 7 hours I landed on the land of THE GOLDEN TEMPLE, yes Amritsar. It was a fresh feeling and a change in life with a changing weather. Curiosity was on its full flame and want to see Amritsar as Much as possible. 

I have two days and I have to see so many things. I was mesmerized when I saw the area around Golden Temple, I was like out of India, so neat and everything is in a well-mannered way.  I did prayers at Golden Temple and sat beside the sacred pond and watched fishes for long, doing this gave me mental peace and a satisfaction that I am spending some time with me and my family only. Then joined the world largest kitchen feed, it was the wonderful experience having food in such a big hall. 

Then I have seen the Jallianwala Bagh, a different kind of feeling came and I felt patriotic over there and felt how shameful event by Britishers. Saw that wall where bullet impressions are still there and that Well where people jumped to save their life which is now known as "Martyrs' Well". 

Then I lead to Wagah border, one of the genuine place where you actually feel patriotic and proud to be an Indian and will show HOW INDIAN ARE? The saluting of soldiers and cream of Indian crowd was overwhelming.

I have seen so many other places at Amritsar and found it a land of heaven where love, beauty and good food with good people resides. If you not seen Amritsar then go there and enjoy the place. 

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Week 7- Self-Care for future #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #InstaCuppa

Today people are more concern about their health and looks. They indulge themselves in so many health-related activities for keeping them fit and good looking. They make various plans like diet plan, exercise schedule,  join motivational classes etc for self-care. But what about future self-care? Are you able to care yourself as you are doing now?
How will you be able to care yourself in future? Most of you answer that  "OUR CHILDREN, we are doing so much for them today, they will surely take care of us in future. But the reality is that we hardly get that level of care in our old age.

I have listed out some points, that if we figure out on them, it will sure help out to us. 

Good Behaviour: In our house and at a workplace, we should follow the rules of good behavior. It is because good behavior is the key to keep us in peace and make us happy. Not even this, our children are the replica of our personality. They observe us at the finest level and adapt our activities and behavior in themselves. So, your identity is identified by your simple and sober behavior.

Friendly Relation: All of living a hectic life and unknowingly a kind of depression and anger filled us. We are unaware of this that how it will come out. And mostly it burst out in our house, a place where we get relief and peace. That causes harm to our relationships with husband, children and even with parents. That's like a  termite in our home and in our relationship. Try to maintain a gap between professional and personal life, because only personal will give you mental peace and harmony whereas professional life is the only way to run our livelihood. 

Future Care: Is it possible that money can care us in our old age? The answer will definitely be NO, for that what will you do? There is only one answer to this question is your good behavior and your attitude towards life will help you, whatever you give in your life one day it will surely come back in any form. So, your good behavior with people will help you in your old age.

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

#IncredibleIndia With Alphabet C

India is incredible and it has so many places to visit and get mesmerized by its beauty. Today we will see the places whose names start from letter C.

We have so many cities whose names strat from C. But here you will find few of them. Coorg, cellular jail, Chittrakut, Cheerapunji.

Coorg is in Karnataka.It is famous for the teakwood and sandalwood forest. You can visit its coffee plantation. Those who love nature then they must go to Coorg. In Coorg, these are places which completes your visit,  Abbey falls, Golden Temple, Brahmagiri hills, Cauvery River, Talakaveri Temple, Iruppu falls. 

Cellular Jail This jail is also known as Kaala Pani which is in Andaman And Nichobar. This prision was in control of Britishers.

Chittrakoot This place is one of the holy places, where Lord Ram and Sita spent their 11 years of exile in Chittrakoot. It is in Madhya Pradesh, It was believed that Lord Ram, Sita, and Laxman met Saint Tulsidas here. Few More places you can visit here are Ganesh Bagh, Ram Ghat.


Monday, 2 April 2018

#IncredibleIndia With Alphabet B

India is incredible and it has so many places to visit and get mesmerized by its beauty. Today we will see the places whose names start from letter B.

I will be happy to take you to Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Bhimtal, Bodhgaya, Bir Billing. You can plan out your vacation to any of these locations. 

Bengaluru: It is the capital of  Karnataka, and previously it was known as Bangalore. Bengaluru has also given many other names like "The City Of Gardens, Pensioner Paradise, and The Silicon Valley of India.  Bengaluru is famous for Lalbagh garden, Bangalore Palace, Tipu's Palace,  Venkattappa  Art Gallery which is one of the oldest art museum, Shiv Statue which is around 65 feet high, Nandi temple where the statue of Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva which is 4.6 m high and 6 m long.  

Bhubaneshwar: Bhubaneshwar is in Odisha. It has the beauty of architecture and ancient temples, therefore it is well known as  The city of temples. Out of all temples "The Lingaraja Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva", is one the oldest temple in the whole Bhubneshwar.