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A NGO : Little India Foundation #LittleIndiaFoundation

Little India Foundation

Economic Bureau
India's non-profit sector (NGO sector) has a new star. Delhi-based Little India Foundation, having carved a niche with its commitment has been working to improve the skills, education, health, artistic talent, and environment of underprivileged sections.
The Foundation also runs notable campaigns to stop atrocities against women, girls and weaker sections as exemplified by the 'Stop Acid Attack' campaign.

The Team 
Little India Foundation has been founded by Mr.Saleem Khan, a young philanthropic who advocates prolific CSR action by companies as a way of giving back to the society.
The Managing Director of the non-profit organization is Ms.Suman Arya, an artist of repute with many art exhibitions to her credit and hails from a family of Army officers.

Active in Many Domains
Little India Foundation’s activities are designed to serve as a balm like effect to the conditions of the destitute population. As the MD, Suman takes special care in reaching the foundation’s positive work to the lives of the poor. According to the Founder, the foundation is inspired by the quote “We Can and We Will.”

One Good Deed Every Day
Suman believes that promoting youth, girl child and the underprivileged sections are the sure pathways to usher in a bright future for the country. The motto of Little India Foundation is ‘Do at least One Good Act a Day, which the MD explains as not about donating money but also encompass deeds that share and express love, care and happiness to the world.

Portfolio of Active Work
The foundation has already expanded its activities in many domains that include food distribution, talent grooming, environment, poverty eradication, healthcare, education, women empowerment aimed at mitigating the hardship of the neglected sections of the society. The multifarious activities have raised the visibility of Little India Foundation tremendously. It has lined up more initiatives for ameliorating the living conditions of the poor.

Nirvana 2018 at Safdarjung Medical College
Highlighting the foundation’s activity in empowering and encouraging youth, Little India Foundation stepped in as a sponsor of the arts festival NIRVANA 2018.  The arts festival of medical colleges held at Safdarjung VMMC Medical College in New Delhi was significant for its diversity.
The crowning ceremony of Mr and Miss Nirvana 2018 on 13 April 2018 were a big tribute to the zeal and role of youth in nation building, arts, and social development.  Nirvana 2018 witnessed massive participation by medical students as they displayed great talent, skill, and intelligence as budding doctors in enriching the society.
The event was judged by Suman Arya, MD Little India Foundation, Mr. Uday Shankar, a well-known cartoonist and Mr. G Kalyan Kumar,  Editor in Chief of Diplomatic Affairs magazine. The event was also graced by the non-profit’s Founder Mr. Saleem Khan.

Support for Artistically Talented Children
The highpoint of Little India Foundation’s activities is the humanism it adds to the programmes. It has aligned all actions including fundraising initiatives with a thrust on promotion of grass root level talent.
The nascent NGO is particular that grooming artistically talented children in remote corners of the country is a social responsibility as they are deprived of the resources to groom the talent and showcase it.

Calendar For 2018
This empathy reflects well in the Foundation’s Calendar 2018 that brought together the works of hundreds of artistically talented people from underprivileged sections and featured their work. The foundation’s calendar for 2019 in the works will be incorporating many new artists of different genres.

Calendar Hunt for 2019:
Hunt for Art work across India has begin. Now they have got suport from various country like Dubai, Canada, Singapore etc most of the Indian artist who have moved due to career or family needs have come forward to suport the Annual Art Calendar Hunt. Dubai is managed by leading Artist Ms. Sapana Jain helping Foundation to coordinate all the Indian Artist Art work to enrolled for hunt 2019.
If you are an artist you too can contact Little India Foundation on FaceBook do submit your art work and support the social cause attached to it.

Encouragement for Artist
The Founder Saleem Khan  and MD of Little India inform that more social activities are on the horizon and they will be financed by the sale and distribution of calendars, and accruals from donations.
Many art competitions to support artists from weaker sections of the society will be held. While a portion of the events will be in the national capital Delhi, the Foundation will reach out to other cities as well offering platforms for many deserving artists. As an artist, MD Suman will also offer mentorship to deserving talents to enhance their abilities.
They have come up with Free Art classes for underprivileged kids in heart of South Delhi. Rest whoever wish to learn art under trainers like well known face Mr.Uday Shankar and Anshu Gautam in Pamposh Enclave twice a week.

Pollution Mask Distribution Camp
In supporting destitute citizens in urban slums and overly polluted areas such areas near high traffic areas and traffic lights, Little India Foundation distributes free pollution masks to the needy.
Other initiatives include offering food materials to the poor, providing clothes and need-based assistance time to time.

Prominent Events by Little India Foundation 
Support for Cancer Patients: The foundation sponsored a Painting Competition Organised by Rotary Club South West Delhi where Suman  Arya, MD was as one of the judges.  This fundraising campaign supported cancer patients and attracted more than 5000 children and their parents and helped in raising awareness.

Zee India Conclave 2018: Recognising the various initiatives by the foundation, MD Suman Arya was invited to represent the foundation at the ZEE INDIA CONCLAVE organized by Media group ZEE TV for honoring women achievers in sports.

School in Mewat, Haryana: Mewat is a backward region of Haryana with a low illiteracy rate. The foundation is now supporting the literacy drive in the area and extended support for starting a school. The stone laying ceremony of the school was conducted recently. Close to about 60 underprivileged kids are given basic education learning free of cost under LIF supervision.
Saleem has a clear vision for settling up the school for girl child who are not allowed to set out of house due to various challenges excuse family give in Mewat Haryana today.Today they have 5 year old kid to 40 year female coming for basic learnings in school.

Free Food Distribution Camp in UP: The foundation also organized a free food distribution camp in many towns of Uttar Pradesh offering relief to poverty stricken street dwellers. This was done in collaboration with the DO ROTI CAMPAIGNof the Hyderabad based philanthropic organization led by Azhar Maqsusi and Saleem Khan

NIT Youth Fest in Delhi: The Foundation sponsored SAPTRANG- fest of NIT Delhi Govt College and Delhi International Model with United Nations where more than 5000+ delegates participated.

Art Exhibition in Delhi/Chandigarh/Jaipur/Mumbai Art Gallery. Little India Foundation organised an exhibition in 2017 at Govt Art Galleries across India for promoting art and culture. The event had the participation 36+ Artists in the exhibition which had paintings, art works, sculptures, installations etc on display.

Arts Felicitation at Kurukshetra University. The foundation promoted the art works of the students of Faculty of Arts at Kurukshetra University in Haryana. It felicitated chairman Ram Niranjan for his contribution to art sector and the leadership in imparting Art education to the young generation. While the Chairperson Mr. RamViranjan supporting the cause with Art Calendar Hunt.

Promotion of Women Artists: The foundation has extended support to women artists thanks to collaboration with Worldwide Institute of  Grooming & Pageant. Each of the women artists participated in the Artizen Art Gallery event in Delhi was presented with gift vouchers of Rs 5000. Supported by leading actor / model Neeleshwari and Saleem Khan Worldwide Institute of Pegents WIP.

Campaign for Acid Attack Survivors
One high point of Little India Foundation is a significant campaign “Stop Acid Attacks” backed by acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal. The initiative spreads awareness about the menace of acid attacks and educates survivors and well-wishers in the society on their rehabilitation and progress.
Laxmi , 32, survived a brutal acid attack in 2005 when she was just 15. She is also a TV host and has become a great inspiration for victims as she speaks up for the rights and contributes to the public cause of enforcing curbs on acid sales.

“Together we can help these sections of people to earn their livelihood and to live with dignity,” explains Saleem / Suman sending a message of hope. Believe in doing “One Good Act Day”

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Think wide Capture Wide with #Mobiistar #starselfieseries

Photography is the medium to capture the surrounding and imprint it for your memories. We are thankful to our inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce who presented the world first photograph. After his invention, there were drastic changes in the technology and made the photography a career and a passion for people. Initially, people were used to take photographs occasionally but now they are not leaving a single moment to capture that happy moments. Besides a new term has been added in photography "SELFIE". It is nothing but taking photographs of your own, in this type of photography the distance between the camera and object is quite less.  

Popularity of Selfie: Selfie is quite popular especially when the mobile enable cameras introduced. Initially, the cameras are only on the back side of the phone so people take a selfie by facing the camera, this technique was not so appropriate to take a selfie then again technology rotates the magic wand and new phones were introduced with the front camera, selfie special and many more. Through this new era the selfie becomes more popular, it is because people are not dependant on other people to capture their moments. This is why SELFIE is the most preferent mode of photography.

Love for Selfie:  Although I am not a good photographer selfie motivates me to try my hand on photography, not professionally but yes for my personal purpose. Some of the selfies are quite near to my heart because through those selfies I can peep into my history and memorize those moments which I spent with my loved one. 

Album of happiness through Selfie:

These are some of the selfies which are quite near to my heart because all of them have some reasons behind it. Out of all one selfie I like the most. The selfie is in the mirror, which has been taken after lots of efforts and making an exact angle of my phone camera. As this selfie is special because in one hand I have a mirror and on other handphone plus the neckpiece is on my head which is not tied with any of the hair clip. And while I was taking it, the light is not appropriate and only one place in my room where the right angle of light was falling on the mirror which makes it a clear selfie. This 

Some facts: Selfie is one of the easiest means of taking your own photographs but in this camera quality, angles and the position are quite important. There are lots of techniques, ideas are available on the internet which makes the selfie more enjoyable and happening. One accessory that is Selfie stick is very useful for capturing selfie mode picture of a large group of people. 

Interesting News: A new mobile is going to launch which is going to facilitate you to capture  your selfies from a wide angle. That means you can capture more area behind you and do you know how this will happen because of DUAL FRONT CAMERA, have you ever heard about this ..No naa.

Which Mobile is this? : Mobiistar is a Vietnamese smartphone brand which is going to launch its DUAL IN ONE smartphone in which dual camera is embedded and through these cameras, you can take 120° wide angle shot. That means, no more selfie sticks and no more stretching hand required to take a selfie in which you wish to capture broader scope. So be ready to capture a huge family photograph with your #Mobiistar and enhance your selfie experience, be creative, think broad capture broad with new Mobiistar dual front camera mobile. It is launching on 23rd May 2018 and you can find Mobiistar on Flipkart 

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Disregarding mother is our ostracism #HappyMothersDay #SuperBloggerAcademy

Happy Mother's Day

In the whole world, India is known as the country of culture and love. Infact, we always introduce our country as Incredible India. Do you really believe that our country is incredible, where some people even don't know how to respect their mother? How can those people think about India and how can they deliver their services to make India proud?  

Mother is like a second God for a child. Instead of giving her love and care, she is betrayed, abused, threatened, mistreated and ignored. She is getting this punishment because brought up her children with love, care, and uncountable sacrifices. She has no value because she is not having money as her back up and she needs some medicines for her old age problems. On the other hand, why people do all this? maybe because Money is More Valuable than Mother. People are dumping their moral values in the gutter or somewhere they never want to poke. 

Why Mother is Important And Valuable: First reason is as a human being she should get respect. Now the second reason she took us in her womb for 9 months and bore all the pains which occurred during pre and post pregnancy. We don't know how many times she came forward to protect us from all those scolding from our father. Not only this she fought so many times for us. She has many sleepless nights just to make us comfortable in our exams or if we were ill. 
 While she was busy in our upbringing we all were ignored the fact that she was also growing with the year. Time was making us young and making her older. Now, she is pretty old and unable to take care of herself properly. Don't we have that much humane? That we can do something for her in against for all her deeds for us. 

Let's Pledge: We don't need a day to show our love to our mother, our small gratitude is enough to make her happy. Do you ever know this, When you shower your immense love on her only on 8th May every year, even for this love also she waits for the whole year? We socialize our love to all social media to show how much you love her, is it fine? As far as I know, Love is that transparent thread which can only felt and only tears have that power to show it. Let's pledge that we should maintain the dignity of love that a mother and a child have.

So, disregarding mother means you are making a deep pit for yourself and one day you will surely fall in it and No Mother will come to save or protect you from that fall. 
Whatever you do in your life has an outcome for that, so always be prepared for good or bad.

Stop abusing your mother, love your mother in actual and realize her sacrifices which are done for you. It was her duty to give you all those things which you deserve and now it's our duty to give her love and fulfill her small wishes and necessities. She never ask for these things, we have to own think about it. She only needs respect and love from us. 

I am participating in the #SuperBloggerAcademy Linky party by Healthwealthbridge Dr. Amrita     and  allaboutthewoman Dr. Bushra.

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May Euphorbia Box : A beauty box

The subscription box is on trend these days, the concept of subscription box is a box of few products and the buyer needs to pay almost around one-fourth amount of its actual price. These products can be related to beauty, stationery, eatables, accessories. Today I am talking about  Euphorbia box which is a beauty box with four products in it. These products keep on changes on monthly basis. The cost of this box is 248/- and you need to pay 42/- as a shipping charge. The company is also offering a good deal for the buyers who take subscription of this box for three months and six-month. In this deal, the buyer has to pay the amount in advance because they are taking the subscription for three months, the benefit is the cost of the box reduced to 238/- and for six months it cost will be 228/- and shipping charges remains the same i.e. 42/-.

 Here I will show the box for the month of May 2018. The cost of this box is 248/-. There are four products in this box: Body mist, two pen lipsticks, and last one is bath and shower gel. The actual cost of this box is 1647/-. Isn't it a good deal, grabbing the products of 1647/- in just 248/-.  The packaging of Euphorbia box comes in a cardboad box and when you open it you will find a red recycled bag where the pouch of Euphorbia box is kept. 


You will find a red pouch which is of very good quality, inside that pouch there are two cards, one is about the products rate card and another one is like a gift voucher from Goodsoap, if you purchase 1000/- products from GoodSoap then you are entitled to get a free Floral face and Body Mist.

There are four products in this pouch whose cost is approximately 1700/-, all these products well go with the theme. The products name is given above in the card.

1. BathSutra: Lavender Love Face  Body Mist: This product comes in a spray bottle and is used to hydrate your face and neck. It freshens your skin and gives you relief in summer. This is totally Paraben free, Chemical free and cruelty-free. The quantity of this product is 50ml and life is only 4 months. So using 50ml in scorching heat is not a big deal and I am sure you will use it all before its expiration period. This product really works well and a mild fragrance gives you relief.

2. Good Soap-Wild Valley of thousand Roses Bath & Shower:  This is another amazing product of the box, a shower gel with the fragrance of roses, olive oil, and English Rose EO. This is 100% certified organic ingredients based.

This product is little runny but cleans your skin quite well without leaving harshness on your skin. The life of this product is 24 months. It is a 100ml bottle. A suggestion you can use this shower gel in making of wet wipes, the fragrance gives an amazing effect in wet wipes.

3 & 4. Seven Seas- Crazy Matt Pen Lipsticks: There are two lipsticks of seven seas, crazy Matt Pen lipstick. Named as Matto Lips. The life of this lipstick is 3 years. I have received two shades, red and pink. Both the shades are lovely and quite trendy also, not only this looks great in the summer season. The lipstick is highly pigmented also have a mild fragrance. The color code of red lip color is 602 and for pink is 624. See how this lip color looks in one stroke.

Euphorbia box is the most affordable box with all quality products. May box is curated with those products which are required to beat the summer. Here are the links from where you can find more about this products Euphorbia box. 

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KamukLife.com : Exquisite & Sensual Innerwears

The woman is the most beautiful creation of the God. The woman is the one who is sophisticated as well as strongest creation. That’s the reason the things used by a woman are more beautiful than man. Her self-maintaining products are quite good, effective and sensual too. 
The woman is the person who loves to take care of herself or we can say she loves to pamper her with the good things which make her feel good, attractive and comfortable. You can see her wardrobe is always full of beautiful clothes, beautiful pieces of jewelry, beautiful inner wears, eye catchy grooming products and at last, footwear. 
Out of the full wardrobe, let’s talk about the inner wears of the woman? 
Inner wears for a woman are those clothes which give her confidence in being herself. These clothes should be well stitched and cloth should be of good quality. These are the basic things which every woman have to take care of it.  
If we talk about Intimate inner wears, then do you find any particular site which shows you the variety of intimate inner wears? 

About Kamuk Life: 
Go to Kamuklife.com, this website is the right pace which gives you intimate wears to your most sensible moments. It understands the mood of a woman and designed the sensual wears which enhance her moments. 
They have the wide variety of inner wears which enhance the beauty of a woman and make her more sensual, extra pampering and a pleasure of wearing these wears. Kamuklife is filled with stylish lingerie like you will find, Costume and CPL Lingerie, Bodystockings, Teddy lingerie and; Set, Nightgowns, swimsuits, Baby Doll, Plus size lingerie, Anniversary, Honeymoon, Saturday Night, Playful, Fantasy and lots more that suits your time and mood.

Kamuklife also included the Romantic Tools of Love for Couple Buy Nip- Covers, Handcuffs, Feather lure Paddle and Cat Mask and lots more besides this, a special collection of night glow is trending.    The site has also facilitated the buyer with size chart which makes the shopping hassle-free. That chart size is added to every product and product description is also given at the bottom with general instruction on taking care of the product.

Regular CollectionIf a woman feels hesitated to buy any of the sensual collection, they can buy any of the items from Night Gown collection. And from legging collection, you can buy any color of Leggings. If you really love to wander at beaches then beach dresses will sure add to the enjoyment. 

Features: As it, a size chart is given on the site so there will no problem in buying any of the items. FAQ is also given, through which you will get your answers. In that faq, it is also mentioned that delivery time is according to the area. When you create an account on the website then you will get a 10% discount voucher and on every purchase, you will earn some reward points, which will soon be implemented. The payment system is also safe and secure and the website accepts Debit card, Credit card, and internet banking. COD facility is also available. And one more feature is also there, if you want to gift then you click the gift checkbox and for that, you need to pay only 50/- extra. The product will reach you in good packaging.

Ozone Clean: This feature is an introductory section of Ozone clean in a pictorial format. This means that every product goes through a cleaning section where it gets cleaned, virus or bacteria free.The customer can use it just after purchasing the product.

General Instructions: The fabric used in the making of lingeries are of high quality so wash them in lukewarm water with gentle soap. Always wash dark and light colored fabric separately. 

Shipping: You can get the free shipping when your order will be more than 499/- otherwise you need to pay 65/- which is fixed.

Social Media Accounts: Facebook | Twitter| Google+
Email Address: customercare@kamuklife.com

Blog: Kamuklife has maintained a blog where they have shared some details, some tips for happy life, more detailing for featured products, and shared some hot tips which enhance your sexual life. There is one more navigation that is Kamuk Updates I find it interesting because some of the articles in it are going to check your Iq level, what's the mindset of a human being when he/ she looks some out of the box.

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Week 10: Internet a resource pool #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

"Willing takes you to the success and continuous efforts help in achieving your goals. " Only with this thought, I started using the internet to give a new move in my life and still this process going on. 
It was the time when I thought that Internet means surfing, chatting, and doing emails. I was not much aware of the vastness of Internet and not even tried to know, as I was happy with my job and whatever I was doing there.  But as the time passes the satisfaction level fell down and my interest in Internet went up. Then one day I thought of making money from the internet so joined a website which was PTC ( paid to click), it was very small amount but I never left it. Soon, the day came when I redeemed those collected points and the reward was 50 rupees Cafe Coffee day voucher. It was the first success and I was happy to prove slow and steady wins the race.

Speeding Steps: Now I was quite happy with that only 50/- voucher because that 50/- has pumped up my enthusiasm and I have registered two more websites, one was again PTC and one was task-based. I worked on those websites for long and now that time I redeemed my points with 1200/- and $8. Time was like in my favor and paced up my working on these online sites from where I was earning a little extra. 

Influenced by Social Media: Now, I stepped towards Facebook and Twitter. Initially, I was quite fascinated by Facebook and I started using it for my personal use, then one day I was invited to a contest and my participation made me win. Through that participation, I came to know more about Twitter, Instagram, G+ and some blogs. Now my involvement in the contest went up and I won many things besides all this I never left working on those sites which gave me some extra money. Now I was on almost all famous social media accounts and I was using them for some personal and for contest purposes. 

Survey Sites: I was highly influenced by survey sites because they have given me that extra income which helped me a lot in my life.  I don't have an accurate figure but I earned more than 60 thousand last year, only by working on an average 3-4 hours per day. 

Steps towards blogging: Now I want some enhancement and want to utilize my capabilities in a right direction. This thought also come up because I was fed up with the politics in offices and dual roles of people. I want to do something where I can use my full energy without wasting it on useless things. Blogging was the platform which influenced me a lot and I started writing on it side by side. But I didn't stop my work on all those survey sites. 

Campaigns: Now I started my blogging with my own ideas and share those blog post on social media accounts. And one day I got an email for joining a campaign, I accepted and worked on it. It was liking working out of the box for me and soon worked on some campaigns, some collaborations, and then conducted some giveaways. This increase the level of traffic and people started following me.

#SuperBloggerChallenge2018: It was like a grabbing of a big deal for me. I accepted this challenge, initially, I find myself very weak as I was finding myself standing on the first ladder. A question keep on hitting me " How will I cope up with these senior bloggers? So, I set my mind instead of beating anyone, keep on working on it. This is my learning phase and I need to learn a lot, Today when I am writing for the 10th-week post, I am feeling glad and happy that may be slow but I reached up to this level. 

The Internet- A resource Pool: Internet is a treasure of knowledge, only our dedication, and keenness of learning new things are measured. I have started my work on the internet with 0.25 paise but this is the only internet and continuous work turned that 0.25 into 60,000/-. So, make it a habit of learning and reading anything from the internet. 

This article is written as a part of #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 
conducted by Healthwealthbridge.com,  Fashionablefoodz.com,   Allaboutthewoman.com and should not be repurposed, republished or used otherwise. The content herein is owned by the blogger. SuperBloggerChallenge2018 is not responsible for any kind of infringement caused.

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English is no more hurdle, Go for #DefinitelyPTE

"Education is the movement from darkness to light" Allan Bloom

Education is the backbone of a good future for a person and nation as well. Education gives you a happy and stable life, it is the right path from where you will be able to fulfill your dreams and become independent. Proper education plays a vital role in your life and for the fulfillment of proper and detailed education, some students plan their part of the studies abroad. For studying in abroad, they have to go through certain steps which are the requirement for studying abroad. 

Students need to work really hard for getting Study visa and in this process, they find some hurdles and problems. 

▬ Language skills: As India is developing in all their areas and getting recognition around the world. But still, around 70- 80 % school don't follow the international level of English language and at that point, the students of India need to focus a lot on their language skill.

▬ Funds: Studying abroad is not an easy job, as it requires a lot of money because of tuition fee, accommodation fee, daily chores etc. The balance of fund get disturbed and managing it quite difficult sometimes. 

▬ Homesickness: Studying miles and miles away is sometimes hard to live. Due to this factor, some students may feel lonely. This kind of emotions sometimes mislead the individuals from their own goals.

▬ Medical Aid:  In most of the countries, you will only get the medicines until and unless you show them the prescription. So, it is quite necessary that you must have enough funds for this kind of unexpected expenses.

These are some problems which most of the students faced when they move to abroad for studies. Out of all, I can give some suggestion on the first hurdle that is Language Skills. Have you ever heard about PTE Academic? 

PTE Academic is a solution for above mention problem and this solution will sure a plus point for the candidate. PTE is a smart choice for students and migrants who can demonstrate their English language skills for university, Professional, and migration applications. 

Benefits of PTE

╬ PTE Academic is a computer-based language test which is given in a single seating of 3hours test session and the result get declared within five working days. 

╬Test globally for 360 days and spread their 200 centers around the world. 

╬ The application accepted at around 95% in thousands of worldwide institutions. 

╬ It also gets the approval from Australian and New Zealand government for all student visa and migration applications. 

╬ Students can send their scores to n number of institutions without paying any additional fees. 

╬ PTE is a fair and secure because of the high technology has been used for the paper like Biometric, palm scanning, digital signature etc.

Isn't it a big solution to our problem of English Speaking Test? After knowing so many benefits of PTE, you must know about the cost and other requirements of PTE. For all those information 
Click Here

Features of PTE Academics

PTE Academic assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing, all these sections are covered in the 3 hours test session. The test is in this format. Total three parts and each section is limited to appropriate time which means you need to complete accordingly.

After giving this test, you will get the PTE Academic score which is compared to another English test like IELTS and TOEFEL  iBT. With a single scale, you can compare your scores with other English Proficiency skill test. 

PTE Academics issue a report of the individual who attempted the exam and the topics covered in this report are an Overall score, Communicative skills, Enabling Skills. Through this report, you will get the idea about the weakest points and you need to work hard in that area. 

PTE Academics is a full package of preparing yourself and building the self-confidence on the English Proficiency. It also introduced some courses according to your requirement and your preparation. You can click here and get more information about the PTE Preparation Courses.  And need not worry about the test centers as you can find more than 50 countries like Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Spain, Thailand and any more. In India, there are around 10 centers like Aditya Institute of Management, Pune, Global Opportunities New Delhi. Edwise Consultants Pvt. Ltd, Pune. etc.

Preparation Help
PTE has organized an online section where the candidate can prepare for the exam in a systematic manner, Preparation Path. In this section, the candidate can find huge resources for the preparation of all the three parts, sample questions and what are the requirements for the test day. 

Universities Accept Your PTE Score Card

After a strong guidance of PTE Academics, the student scorecard is accepted by many academic programs around the world. PTE has Australian and New Zealand government approval for the student visa and migration application. Some of the prestigious universities which accept PTE are Stanford University, Harvard University, Imperial College London, Central Queensland Univerity. 

PTE Academics is now leading and getting famous for their almost 100% result in preparing the students for the test and computerized 3hrs test with a valid result in 5 business days, do recommend #DefinitelyPTE.