Sunday, 17 July 2016

EthiNext Pharma : Cutishine Face Wash Review

EthiNext Pharma, is the brand which keep on giving quality products and services to their customers. Gujarat is the base of this brand. There are many products of this company, but today I am introducing "CUTISHINE" which is a daily cleansing face wash.

Packaging: Cutishine comes in beautiful golden hard paper box with a transparent cutting on it where the tube peeps outside. The tube is also of golden colour with a golden flip open cap. On the box and tube, it is clearly mentioned that this product is not for children below 3 years.

Inner Material: A transparent lotion with golden and white granules which looks like cute bubbles in the tube. These granules are totally soluble and each granule gives golden shimmery effect.The fragrance is mild and soothing. The face wash is transparent liquid which is little runny.

Highlights of this Product:
* Oily- Acne Prone Skin
*Improve Skin Texture
* Soap Free
*Combines natural AHA & BHA
* Cleans extra oil and dirt
* Reduce wrinkles and ageing signs
* Clear Pimples
* Contain Tea Tree Oil
*Travel Friendly

Directions to Use: Take a little Cutishine with little water on to your palm. Work up lather and gently massage on your wet face and neck with a circular motion. Rinse off with clean water and pat your face dry. For best results use twice or thrice a day.

Words of Brand: 

Weight and Rate
70 gram of Cutishine for Rs 180 /-
Age: 3 years.

My Experience: This product is featured for oily- Acne Prone skin, that means a product which suits to my skin type. I have an extremely oily skin which attracts dirt too quickly, resulting pimples and acne.  I am using Cutishine since last two weeks regularly and opted to wash my face three times a day. My first impression with this product: It cleaned my face without leaving any dryness on face with a curiosity what these small golden granules do.
Second Impression: It reduces the oil generation and cleans my face for few hours. With the regular use of Cutishine it affects the skin texture. Third Impression: As this product is soap free, you don't need to use lots of water to rinse your face. I can say it also saves your water.

Nutshell: This facewash is specially for oily skin people. It will give good results when used regularly. Removes all dirt and oil from your skin and gives a smooth feel. The fragrance is mild and you will love it. It is little expensive.

Disclaimer-The product has been sent by the brand, but this is my observation.

Monday, 11 July 2016

#CatchUpOnGrowth with Horlicks Growth+

Kids are small but sometimes you find big dreams in their small eyes. These big dreams give a huge success to that kid as well as proud to his/her parents and country. Here I have one question from you all, Do you think healthy eating plays an important role in this success? 

If you ask me then I would say YES, maybe will power may not affect his enthusiasm but low health will definitely affect his body and resist him in achieving his goals. 

Let's discuss the current criteria about the children's health. In this century, children are more attracted towards technology and junk food. Instead of playing outside they prefer to play on computer or with  video games. These games are like addiction in children, it affect the child mentally and physically. Whereas junk food is the way to increase the level of deficiencies and problems. Junk food increases the constipation, obesity, depression, lethargic, high fat etc. Junk food never make an active mind and body. This is the current situation of the current generation, may be their minds are sharp but their body is dull. 

Now on other side, talk about the parents of these kids: No doubt in it, the current economy demands both parents working and due to that child suffers. Their life is like machine which keeps on working and always find the easiest way to compensate the daily needs. When they don't have time for their kids they ask them to play with computer or video games. When they don't have time to cook they prefer outside food or most of the time junk food. Due to this rush, parents are also making their life hell, full of tension, no peace, no mental satisfaction, no physical activities nothing such activities which give relief to them.

When there is a problem solution is always there. And the solution is " Horlicks Growth Plus". Two cups of Horlicks cover these foods. 

Horlicks Growth Plus is the solution which catchup the health of your child plus improve the child's growth incredibly. As Horlicks Growth Plus is not just a flavored powder, it contains balanced nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Through this the child will get all nutrition which his body need to grow fantastically. Undoubtedly, it will help your child #CatchUpOnGrowth. 

Here is Horlicks Growth Plus 

Qualities in glance:
1: Its is clinically proven that it enhance the child's growth naturally.
2: It contains the vitamins, minerals, proteins etc which helps in significant growth of a child.
3: It is specially designed to overcome from the fallen growth of a child. 
4: It has essential amino acid.
5: Fallen growth will improve with regular intake of Horlicks Growth plus and bring back the health on the track in a natural way.
6:  It comes in two falvours : Chocolate and Vanilla
7:  Clinically proven for getting good results in just 6 months.

Important Conclusion: Being a parent, I always wish nourish my child with healthy food and drink. There is no doubt if I calculate my child's health, it will definitely shows a " RED MARK". And this is a point where I need to pay attention and give him such supplement which fulfill his deficiencies and improve his height and weight. I never wish to see my child look weak and dull among other children after all its a matter of his life. When lots researchers and doctors have proven " HORLICKS GROWTH PLUS" is clinically tested and gives positive result in just 6 month with its regular use. Then we all should trust them and give your child a healthy life. 

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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Aroma Essentials - Orange Splash Face Wash Review

A name which has made his goodwill by delivering pure natural quality products for skin and hair care. Yes, this is AROMA ESSENTIALS, it comes with a natural solutions by utilizing the natural products and their extracts for the common problems we faced in our daily routine.

Today I am enclosing my reviews for Aroma Essentials:  Orange Splash

Packaging : Transparent  plastic bottle with white cap. This cap is screw type with a flip. Transparent bottle will give you an idea of the material inside the bottle.
Company Claims:
Skin Suitability : All type of skin, Pigmented skin, Normal to Dry skin.
Contains: Orange Juice, Essential oils
Functions: Helps in skin lightening, Citric Acid Balances, The PH level of skin
Directions for use:  First wet your face and then apply 1 gram of cleanser and massage  all over the face and then rinse the face with fresh water.
Usage Frequency : Twice a Day

Orange Splash  : My Experience

I have an oily skin and it gets worst during summer, I need to wash my face again and again. Repeated washing decreases my skin's moisture and I was in the condition that not able to apply moisturizer & can't live without moisturizer. Here this product is like miracle, it removes all extra oil from my face without harming my skin moisture. This cleanser is foam free and cleans your face gently. A regular use of this product will also lighten your skin and improves the quality of your skin. I was using this product from last one week with two washes as recommended on the product's label.
Apart from its qualities, its fragrance is mild and you can easily recognize that its Orange's fragrance. This is in gel form and little thick, you need to press the bottle little more to get it out from its nozzle. And always apply it after wetting your face to get the good results. You must know that Aroma Essentials never test their products on Animals. So Hats Off to Aroma.


Quite impressed with the product and recommend to all, I must say give it a try.
I will give 4.5 out of 5. 

Connectivity : 
Facebook : Aroma Essentials
Phone : 077609 88272
Instagram: Aroma Essentials

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Thursday, 30 June 2016 :Best Beauty Products Online

Hello Readers!!

Online shopping has made our life comfortable and filled it with lots of ease. I am also addicted to online shopping because of these reasons:
1- No hectic
2- No window shopping
3- Saves money
4- Lots of offers
5- Get different brands under one roof
6- Easy to pay.
7- Lovely reward programs.

What is your experience of online shopping? Do you suffer lot of time wastage while finding the product that suits you? If yes, than I have a great solution for this problem. Now I am going to introduce you with a site where you will get the all brands' products which suits to your skin condition. This site is :

Aplava is a website that provides an extensive spread of quality beauty products. Aplava emphasis on the personalized shopping which helps you to sort out your products which are totally suitable for your skin.

Point Of Attraction

1- Create your personal care profile.
2- You will get the list of products which suits to your personal profile.
3- Choose your product and buy it.
4- Aplava Prestige Program 

My personal view at this point : I really impressed with this feature of the website because you don't need to find each and every brand which suits to your skin conditions. This feature automatically filter the products from all brands. Finally you will have to choose only your product which suits to your pocket and skin conditions.

My Shopping Experience

I have named my shopping experience " Healthy Hair Package". I am very much concern for my hair and I picked these products only and only for my hair. 
The site has number of products on the website but I picked up those which are prone to my hair.I have opted three products
Livon Hair Serum 
Just Herb - Javakusum Hair Oil
Kent - Hair Brush

I love shopping on this site because it saves my time in choosing my desired products. This site is very  user friendly, you will not find any hassle while shopping. After registering on this site, I have received 250 points under my Aplava Prestige, this is the column where you will get points from your purchase. These points will help you as a discount and make a smart shopper. 

You will get free shipping on the purchase of 999/-


My Surprise 

When I received my packet a discount voucher is with my haul. This voucher gives me 300/- discount on the purchase of 1500/-. 

Nutshell : This site gives me an ease to sort out my desired products and allow me to recommend to you all. So, next time when you shop Online Beauty Products, don't forget Aplava . You will find some brands which increases your interest in them too and you will sure give them a try. This is all because of Aplava.

Rating : 4.5 Out of 5

Friday, 24 June 2016

ACO: Monetize Valuable Opinions.

Do you use computer? 
Do you use mobile?
If the answer is YES, then one more question arise are you utilizing them in a fruitful manner? This is all about the analyzing your usage of internet over the computer or mobile. The great people has invented the technologies just for our convenience and ease. So, we should utilize it in a good way or I can say when you analyze yourself after using the technology, you should get the answer Yes I have utilize it in a efficient way.  

Today I am going to introduce you a website where you can share your opinion with them and you will get paid for that. Yes, Get Paid For Your Opinion .


American Consumer Opinion is made up of several million consumers worldwide who get paid to participate in surveys and research projects. This panel was created in 1996 and till now running successfully. 
American Consumer Opinion is owned and operated by Decision Analyst, Inc., a global marketing research and analytical consulting firm headquarted in the Dallas- Fort Worth area in the United States.

Social Media Account : Facebook  and Twitter 

How it works?
You can take the membership of this website absolutely free. All you need to sign up and fill in all the required details in the sign up form. You will never asked for buying anything or paying.  On the basis of your profile you will get the surveys which are conducted by the several companies. All you need to give your genuine opinions. 

What you get?
After the completion of survey you will get the points but sometimes you will be screened out for which you will not get paid. Through the process of completing different surveys you have to collect the 1000 points and 100 points means $1. 

How to cash out?
When you reached to your threshold then you can redeem your points via paypal option.

What about your personal information?

When you register to this site you will have to enter some of your data in the registration form. DON'T WORRY about your personal data like Your name, Address, email id etc. As per the policy of the company all the data is kept confidential. That means your data is secure.

How reliable it is?
Decision Analyst Inc. meets the BBB accreditation Standards and got the B+ rating.

What you need to do?
Complete your registration form first by filling all answers of the questions. And the most important thing is keep on updating it. Check your account regularly for any kind of update is there or not. Given is the screenshot of how your record show on your account window. Arrow indicates that you have to keep it upto date.

Don't waste your time and start utilizing your valued opinions  with ACO and earn. 

Start Earning Money Now!

Join ACOP!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Fromote : WAN for Advertisers and Influencers

Blogging is fun as well as challenging. Isn't it?

The perception for blogging has changed these days. Bloggers deliver a great amount of input in the business development for a brand. In-fact, people take blogging as a career seriously.  BLOGGING is not easy when you do not get the good platform to work on. A platform where different brands give you the opportunity to put in your best effort for their business development. But the question arise where is this PLATFORM?

Answer is FROMOTE

I am in the initial stage of blogging and I have a good social influencing power but I am not using it in a right direction. Fromote gives me that direction and platform where I can use my capabilities and influencing power in a right way.

Fromote gives a platform to meet Advertisers and social influencers. I have seen these screen which are flashing on the first page of Fromote and as a blogger I felt good that I came to the right platform.

These three screens make me curious to know more about Fromote and then I watched its video which helped me how it works.

Through Fromote different brands come across about me and gives me the opportunity to work with them in promotion of their product. This work not only monetize my work but also  I am able to give a good impression for brand promotion. I utilize my social media connection by sharing the content with them.

My Startup experience:
In fromote different campaigns were created by the Advertisers (brands) and Influencers  (bloggers/ social influencers) grab those campaign opportunity. 
Through this way social media were utilized in a professional way. And two communities ( Advertisers and Influencers) work hand in hand. Its a great experience specially when you work professionally and keep on increasing your capabilities to grab more opportunities. This is happened only through Fromote.

Friday, 17 June 2016 Delivering Best Services

Today every girl wants to wear unique outfits, accessories and footwear. Not even this she wants to decorate her house with such things that nobody has seen. Craftsvilla is fulfilling all these needs .Craftsvilla is online portal where you can buy unique Beauty products, Home decor, Jewellery, Bags and the most appreciable thing is, they all are handmade with great ideas in every product. And all the product are today’s fashion competing. Monica is the person who  come forward and encourage those poor women who have skills but have no exposure. is the name where the handicraft work is appreciated and employment to skilled poor women. is reaching to heights so rapidly by providing quality products and good services. With the help of good business strategies Craftsvilla gained a good position in business world and a good level of customer satisfaction. Miss India has also promoted Craftsvilla, Mid Day newsletter also publish Craftsvilla also appreciated by The Economic times,, ET Now.  All this achieved only by dedication and quality services, quality product to their customers.

What you can buy from craftsvilla check it out here: Home decor like bedsheets, pillo covers,  Kitchenware, stationary, Jewellery like ear rings, necklaces, bangles, Crochet jewellery, Anklets, Green products like air fresheners, food, herbs . Footwear available for both man and women. Designer bags Whatever you buy from here you will get free shipping anywhere in India. The packing is fantastic not only this every packing a beautiful hidden gift is there including a handmade thankyou note and a sweet letter from Monica.

Craftsvilla through its business also enhancing the Indian Culture and heritage. The team member encouraging the handicraft work not only in India but also in abroad. Through this efforts our hidden culture get highlighted and also establish the cultural image in this world.  We all should come and join the hands of Craftsvilla and highlight the Indian culture in this world.